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How trading works

Learn how to buy and sell, use charts and other essentials.

11 lessons
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How to analyse

Inform your trading with analysis of prices, news and data.

10 lessons
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Managing risk: the basics

Stay in the market for longer by mitigating risk and uncertainty.

7 lessons
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What our customers say

Putting on a trade is a very critical decision. It’s similar to diving for treasure. There is gold on the ocean floor, but as you go for it, remember to consider your air supply package realistically. Forex education is like your air supply package, it will help you to survive in this business. Invest in knowledge first and money shall follow you.

Sifundo Nkosinathi Ngubane South Africa

Forex expertise is produced through real processes, hard work and strong determination but not in a short period of time. And in learning, nothing is in vain.

Himmatur Rijal Arifin Indonesia

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